Fredrik Raddum is educated at the The National Academy of Art in Oslo. He works with sculpture, installation, photo and performance related journeys. He has exhibited at various spaces since 2001.

The sculptural universe of Norwegian artist Fredrik Raddum is characterized by a unique combination of humor and somberness, irony and social critique, provocativeness and philosophical insight. The vast majority of works in Raddum’s longstanding production make use of surprise as the primary tool: At an instant, we are both amazed and puzzled. However, the first impression is always followed by the need to look closer and in doing so, the viewer soon realizes that each work has much more than mere shock and confusion to offer.

Raddum’s preferred subject is the frailty of the psyche of modern man as well as his search for identity and meaning in a frantic, fragmented and often incomprehensible now. His sculptures can thus be understood as physical manifestations of our common feelings, thoughts and shifting states of mind. Essentially, Fredrik Raddum is a tireless diagnostician of society, who delivers his analysis in bronze, plastic, colored lights, stainless steel and pastel colors.

Raddum has exhibited at Aaros Museum of Modern Art (Denmark), National Gallery of Art (Denmark), Kistefos Museum (Norway), Pori Art Museum (Finland) and Museum of Installation (UK) amongst many others. His works are represented in many public collections such as The Norwegian National Gallery, National Gallery of Art (Denmark), Aaros Museum of Modern Art(Denmark), Gothenburg Museum of Art (Sweden), Norwegian Art Council, Vestas, Aker-Solutions, Norvestor Equity, Telenor and Equinor.

Represented at Gallery Brandstrup Oslo and Hans Alf Gallery Copenhagen.

Curriculum Vitae


1997 – 2001
The National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo
1995 – 1997
KiB, Art school in Bergen

Solo exhibitions:

Joy of Sublimation, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
Joy of Sublimation, Hans alf Gallery, Copenhagen
Bortenfor – or: Outside the Verge of Liminal Spaces, Bge Contemporary, Stavanger
Bortenfor – or: Outside the Verge of Liminal Spaces, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen
Hacienda Paradise, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
Uncover, BGEart, Stavanger
Skerp deg, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London
Festspillutstilling , Galleri S.E, Bergen
Cover Up, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
One Night Only, SoHo House, New York
Cover Up Hans Alf Galleri, Copenhagen
Malaise, Skövde Kulturhus
Lumphead, Mjelby Konstmuseum
Malaise, Halmstad Konsthall
7 Rare Views of Kaidan Eiga, Studio Hugo Opdal
FALL OUT...., Kistefos-Museet
Malaise, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen
Projection Bias, Hå Gamle Prestegård
Malaise, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo
GET LOST...., ARoS, Aarhus

Selected group exhibitions:

Art Nouveau, Göteborg Konstmuseum
Truth is Flexible, Akershuskunstnersenter, Lillestrøm
La Forêt Monumentale, Rouen, France
Transit II, BGEart, Stavanger
Galleri Aasen, Ålesund
Transit, BGEart, Stavanger
Hav, Galleri Samvirke, Smøla
Studio Hugo Oppdal, Flø
Portraits of God
Young International Artists, Formueforvaltning, Oslo
Skulptur Nå, Galleri Osebro, Porsgrunn
KYKYLYKY, Brodins, Oslo
Stretching the Mind, Drammen museum
Less is a bore, Sound of MU, Oslo
Høstutstillingen 2012, Kunstnernes Hus


The National Museum of Norway
Kistefos Museum, Norway
Aaros Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
National Gallery of Art, Denmark
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Sweden

Commissioned work:

Ab Mercator Oy
Oslo municipality

Contact info

[email protected]
+47 90 53 42 71
Bølerlia 93, 0689 Oslo
Bølerlia 93, 0689 Oslo. Deliveries and enter from Nøklevannsveien


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